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Kristie McCollum is the founder and the face behind At His Feet Ministries.

Kristie is redefining what it means to be a modern woman of faith in today’s ever-changing culture. She desires nothing more than to help women walk in the ways of God and be shining testament to the love of Jesus Christ.

Kristie was tempted to allow her journey as a young woman battling insecurities, teen pregnancy, low self-esteem, toxic relationships, and depression to define her life. It wasn’t until she was in her darkest moment that she realized she only had two options: settle or chase after Jesus.

Kristie dared to harness the wisdom of her past wounds and apply them to the hope for her future.

The process of transforming from the insecure and fearful young girl that she was into the powerhouse mother, businesswoman, and leader that she is took dedication, discipline, resources, and spiritual growth. Her passion is to utilize her experiences, insight, and influence to help every soul she encounters to become the absolute best version of themselves.